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GreenFieldPaper.com's specialty is definitely handmade paper. We have 100s of products to choose from in the handmade paper category alone. We are also one of the only paper companies to carry paper that you can actually plant and it will grow. Come check us out and be amazed by what we are doing to help the environment.

We are the best source on the web for finding the handmade paper that you need for your projects, home or office. We sell only the highest quality handmade paper made by us right here in the factory. All of our products are natural and eco-friendly so you know you are not only helping yourself, you are helping the environment as well.

See our hemp paper and seed paper products too.


Distinctive... Communicate a sense of style and environmental responsibility with this extraordinary line of recycled paper products.  Hand crafted in an age-old tradition from tree-free fibers, this line of extraordinary paper is rich in texture and appearance.
Selection... Available in handmade sheets, greeting cards and note sets.
Customizable... Printing and die cutting services available.
Eco-friendly... 100% recycled ingredients, using no chemicals, dyes or additives.
Artistically created... Handmade by skilled artisans, one sheet at a time in San Diego, CA.
Bulk... Quantity pricing available. Call or e-mail sales@greenfieldpaper.com for a quote.

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