Our Story

At Green Field Paper Company, it is not all about us. It is all about the paper- TREE FREE PAPER! The name Green Field Paper Company reflects our specialty in creating fine quality paper using non-wood fibers and alternative materials. Since 1992, Green Field Paper has created innovative, eco-friendly papers which are truly distinctive in appearance, function and origin.

We have reinvented the age old tradition of creating fine paper without cutting down trees. Our business is dedicated to providing exceptional quality recycled paper products with creative design while implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. All of our unique papers provide a qualitative experience which is rare in today’s mass-market economy. Our goal is to create products that communicate an original sense of style along with environmental responsibility.

Creating eco-friendly papers with a purpose, Green Field Paper Company offers three proprietary lines of innovative recycled papers that integrate post-consumer pulp with non-traditional additives such as seeds, hemp, coffee chaff, denim, junk mail, and garlic skins! Each paper is infused with beauty and sustainability. All of our products are made in the USA and we do not use any dyes or bleach in our paper. Earth pigments are used to color our handmade paper and all of our seed paper contains non-GMO, non-invasive seeds.

In addition to creating unique, eco-friendly papers, we have created an entire line of retail products including greeting cards, journals, fine art papers and stationery. Whether you write on it, plant it or sketch, the tactile nature and beauty of our paper is truly distinctive.

By offering custom design, printing and die cutting services, we are able to provide our Clients’ with excellence and innovation by creating products that can elevate their business and differentiate them from the competition.

Our Commitment

Green Field Paper Company has made a commitment to offset 100% of our company-wide electricity use by purchasing wind energy credits for our electrical usage in our manufacturing and office facility in San Diego, CA. Wind energy is not available at our facility in San Diego, but we were able to offset our total electricity use by partnering with a number of wind farms across the country through a system of renewable energy credits that brings together suppliers and buyers of wind energy. It is important to note that our purchase of renewable energy credits is a commitment we make in addition to paying our utility costs and finding ways to increase our overall energy efficiency.

As part of our comprehensive strategy to support energy conservation and renewable energy, we also continue to explore ways to reduce energy use throughout all of our operations by supplementing them with other renewable energy technologies such as solar infrastructure, micro-hydro turbines and geothermal heating. Even the water used to make the 100% recycled handmade paper is reclaimed and recycled back into the next batch.

Green Field Paper Company has won San Diego Recycler of the Year for three years straight! Contributing factors to winning this award include the fact that WE: are a zero-waste facility, re-pulp all of our paper cuttings or use them for packing materials, donate usable scrap paper to local schools and organizations and recycle all excess custom printed materials that we produce!

Our History

From where we started, to where we are now.



As a result of our continuing manufacturing developments Green Field Paper offers hemp paper in master rolls and custom rolls.



Green Field Paper incorporates significant process improvements in the hemp paper manufacturing process.



Green Field Paper redesigns and relaunches website.



Green Field Paper expands its facility doubling the square footage.



Green Field Paper is featured on the Rachel Ray show with the Al Gore video. The topic gifts that keep giving.



Green Field Paper is acquired with close of escrow occurring on Earth Day. Green Field Paper appeared in Time magazine shortly after launching our new website with Ambitious Web.



With the downtown redevelopment, Green Field Paper relocates to the University area near SDSU.



www.greenfieldpaper.com is registered and an online presence and store were soon to follow.



Found Stuff Paperworks changes it’s name to Green Field Paper Company.



On Earth Day in 1992, Green Field Paper began it’s first commercial paper operations at Balboa Park in San Diego, California. The Company’s original name, Found Stuff Paperworks.