At our San Diego facility, we manufacture all of our handmade paper one sheet at a time. We use only recycled post consumer pulp and some recycled cotton to make the paper.  We add earth pigments not dye for color. We purchase wind credits to offset our energy usage and reclaim and recycle the water used in the papermaking process back into the next batch of paper.

We have two lines of handmade paper, Grow-a-Note® and PaperEvolution®. As with any handmade paper, each sheet is distinct and variations in thickness and color will occur between batches.

A custom blended wildflower seed mixture is used to make Grow-a-Note® plantable handmade paper. We also use catnip and miniature sunflower in some of our papers and have done custom infusions of forget-me-nots, spruce tree, lettuce, grasses and vegetables.

Other recycled materials are infused into the PaperEvolution® line.  We use junk mail collected from employees and friends to make- what else?- our 100% Junk Mail® paper. Coffee chaff from a local roaster is added to the post-consumer for our Java paper. Scraps of retired blue jeans is the basis for our Denim paper. Our Hemp Thread paper consists of hemp garment scraps.

We also offer an exclusive machine made paper called Hemp Heritage®.  The Hemp Heritage® line comes in three weights: 60 lb text, 70 lb card stock, and 110 lb cover stock. We offer it by the ream and in stationery packs, drawing packs and journals.

Watch our handmade paper being made on a local CBS news segment:

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