Recycled Gift Wrap

We have a great selection of recycled gift wrap to choose from. Now you can show your loved ones your care about the environment and maybe it will spark a little something in them to go GREEN. It may be a little more expensive than traditional gift wrapping but in the long run you will help save this earth.

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Socially conscious recycled gift wrap without sacrificing style.
Proudly introducing our new line of Recycled Gift Wrapping Paper printed using soy-based inks rather than conventional petroleum-based inks. These innovative designs are sure to add a beautifully unique look to your gifts. Each over sized sheet measures 24" x 36" and is printed on 70# 100% recycled paper that has a smooth satin finish and is made in the U.S.A.

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100% Recycled Gift Wrap- Paisley
Product Code: WP PAIS
Price: $7.95

100% Recycled Gift Wrap -Birdy Birdy
Product Code: WP BIRD
Price: $7.95

100% Recycled Gift Wrap- Flower Power
Product Code: WP FP
Price: $7.95

100% Recycled Gift Wrap- Gifty Boxes
Product Code: WP BOX
Price: $7.95

100% Recycled Gift Wrap-FanDango
Product Code: WP FAN
Price: $7.95
Displaying 1 through 5 of 5 products.