Plantable Packaging

Smart businesses are adding environmentally friendly twists to just about everything they can, including plantable packaging - making 'living green' simpler for everyone.

Green Field Paper Company created the plantable packaging for all three Finalists' in the HBA International Packaging Design Awards People's Choice Awards . The winner was Black Rock Mud Company and we created a plantable package, a square box with an insert, from our Grow A Note® 100% recycled seed paper. The plantable packaged was printed using soy inks and debossed. We also produced the plantable packaging, a tall box for bottle product, for the runner-up, Biao Skincare, that was printed using soy inks on our seed embedded paper. Green Field Paper produced theplantable packaging, a box insert , for Coola, the third place winner.

In addition to boxes, Green Field Paper makes plantable packaging in the form of hang tags, belly bands, candle toppers , card backers etc.

The plantable packaging not only adds a wow factor but when you're done with the plantable package; simply plant, add water and watch your waste grow!

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