Although we are a small business, we are the largest paper mill in San Diego, in fact we are the only paper mill in San Diego. We integrate sustainability practices into our business through the prudent use of all of our resources to safeguard their continued quality and obtainability now and long into the future. Green Field Paper is committed to the well-being and protection of our environment, our employees, and our community.

Our hemp paper is made with FSC certified pulp and blended with hemp fiber pulp. Our hemp paper was tested by Iowa State University and determined to be 100% biobased content meaning no petroleum content.

The purpose of a biobased content measurement is to determine how much of the carbon within a biobased product is derived from biomass. The value represents a measure of how much biobased material a company is using to manufacture its products relative to the more readily available and less expensive petroleum-based alternatives.

Green Field Paper uses no virgin tree fiber only post-consumer pulp. Out post-consumer pulp is FSC certified from one of most environmentally pulp mills in the United States. While we choose not to have our hemp paper certified, it contains only FSC certified pulp and hemp fiber. Our handmade paper contains only FSC Certified pulp.

At our San Diego manufacturing facility, we reclaim the water we use through-out the process. We collect it at each phase and syphon it into a holding tank that is then used to manufacture the next batch of paper. We estimate that we save thousands of gallons of water each week.

All of our products are manufactured carbon neutral using Green-e certified 100% renewable electricity by purchasing wind credits (RECs). Green Field is an EPA Green Power Partner.