Plantable Gift Card Holders
Plantable... Each gift card holder is  made from our handmade plantable seed paper that contains a colorful array of wildflowers seeds. The growing instructions are printed on the back notifying the recipient that they can plant it and watch it grow long after the gift card has been spent.
Celebrate... This dual function greeting card has a dedicated writing area for your special message, and the gift card fits securely inside the pocket.
Decorate...These festive designs can be used all year long. They can even be used as ornaments and hung on the Christmas tree.
Give... These gift card holders are ready-to-give presents, closing securely with a folding rear tab. They can also be mailed as a white recycled envelope is included.
Truly Unique... Grow-a-Note® plantable gift card holders can transform an otherwise impersonal gift.
Eco-friendly... 100% recycled ingredients, using no chemicals, dyes or additives.
Artistically created... Grow-a-Note® paper is handmade by skilled artisans, one sheet at a time in San Diego, CA.
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Grow-A-Note® Personal Touch Gift Card Holder™ Snowflake
Product Code: GCHSF

You can grow this gift card holder!

This gift card holder is cut into the shape of a snowflake and is completely unique! Perfect for adding a personal touch to holiday gift card giving.

Available individually or in a package of 4. Includes white recycled envelopes.

Price: Based on Selection

  Individual Gift Card Holder (Price $3.50)
  Package of 4 (Price $10.95)

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