Handmade Specialty Sheets

Handmade Specialty Sheets


By blending tree free pulp with repurposed non-wood fibers, the result is a line of paper that is rich in texture and appearance.


Infused with a variety of recycled material like junk mail, denim, coffee chaff, garlic skins or hemp fibers.

Get Noticed

Certain to make an impact. Portray recycling as an art form and demonstrate a dedication to the earth.

Sheet Size

13" x 19" parent sheet with deckled edges on all 4 sides or 8.5" x 11" trimmed.


100% recycled ingredients, contains no chemicals or dyes. Made in the USA.


Quantity pricing starting at 50 sheets. Call or e-mail sales@greenfieldpaper.com for a quote.

PaperEvolution® Handmade Sheet- Gilroy Garlic, Lavender

PaperEvolution® Handmade Sheet- Gilroy Garlic, Lavender

Product Code: 190308

This paper is handcrafted one sheet at a time blending 100% recycled fibers with the skins of garlic bulbs grown in Gilroy, California. Using earth pigments, we color the paper a rich lavender. The skins create an elegant background for this tree free paper.  This paper does not contain seeds.

The sheets are 13 x 19 inches with naturally deckled edges straight from the paper maker's hands and are offered in packages of 5, 25 or 50 sheets. 
We are now offering the sheets trimmed to 8.5 x 11 inches without the deckle edge in packages of 10, 25 or 50. 

We also offer complete printing services on this paper and will be happy to provide a price quote to print your job.

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