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100% Junk Mail Contemporary Recycle
Product Code: HCJMC

The handmade cards contain actual junk mail and no two cards are alike. You may find words or numbers anywhere on the card. Each card is truly unique. Each box contains four A6 cards (4.5x6 folded) and four festive envelopes. The method by which the junk mail is made and collected is printed on the back of each card along with actual junk mail statistics.

Price: Based on Selection

  Individual Card (Price $3.49)
  Package of 4 (Price $13.95)
  4 Card Boxed Set (Price $13.95)
  5 Card Boxed Set (Price $16.95)
  25 Card Bulk Pack & Envelopes (Price $59.95)
  50 Card Bulk Pack & Envelopes (Price $99.95)

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