Hemp Heritage® Paper by the Ream

Hemp Heritage® Paper by the Ream

Product Code: R_HN

Our premium quality Hemp Heritage ® paper is now available by the ream in four weights:  60# text with antique vellum finish for stationery and flyers, 80# text for presentation sheets, flyers and projects that require a thicker text stock, 70# Cover for cards and business cards; 110# Cover for business cards and packaging. All are available in size 8.5" x 11."  The 60# text reams have 500 sheets. The 80# text has 350 sheets per ream. The 70# cover reams have 250 sheets and  the 110# ream has 125 sheets with a antique finish in each ream.  Natural white color.

The 60# text is a new paper for us and it is similar in texture to the 70# and 110# with flecks representing hemp fibers. We have discontinued the 24# bond weight with the laid finish.
Hemp is a fast-growing alternative to trees that has been used to make paper for thousands of years. This historical plant holds great promise as a renewable tree-free source of fiber for the future.   Hemp Heritage ® is created using hemp pulp which is combined with post consumer pulp.   The result is a premium quality paper with an elegant finish.

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