Gourmet Java Greetings

Gourmet Java Greetings

Plantable Chamomile

Each tea themed card is embedded with chamomile seeds. The recipient can plant the card in the ground and grow their own tea. Planting instructions are printed on the back of every card.

Roasted Coffee

Each coffee card is embedded with the chaff from the roasted beans. The beautiful flecks appear randomly throughout the card.

Truly Unique

Greeting cards made for the beverage connoisseur, guaranteed to make a long lasting impression on the recipient.


Choose from an assortment of 3 tea and 3 coffee themed cards, each sentiment corresponding to the seeds or beans embedded in the individual cards.


100% recycled ingredients, using no chemicals, dyes or additives.

Artistically Created

Handmade by skilled artisans, one sheet at a time in San Diego, CA.


Each card measures 4.5" x 6" and includes a color coordinating envelope.

Java Happy Birthday

Java Happy Birthday

Product Code: CBHB

The beans are in the paper!

We are pleased to introduce our new line of Gourmet Café Greetings.  Each coffee themed card is embedded with roasted coffee chaff.  Available in various sentiments, the greetings are cleverly associated with coffee.  Guaranteed to impress beverage connoisseurs and everyone in your life!  The beautiful flecks appear randomly throughout the card making each card totally unique. 


Cards are available individually and boxed.  Bulk orders can be customized.

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