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All in One Shells

A truly unique and elegant invitation!

This all-inclusive invitation combines both the invitation and reply card into one beautiful 15” long sheet of handmade, seed embedded paper.

The invitation is scored to fold up to an A2 size(4.25 x 5.5"), with a perforation for the reply card to be torn off and mailed back as a postcard. No envelopes are required!

Your return address appears in two locations: on the back flap and on the back of the reply card.

Each invitation is personalized and designed with the font of your choice. Create your own style, choose one of our unique pattern designs, or simply use an elegant text-only format. Select any of our beautiful paper colors and a complimentary ink that is certain to impress your guests!

Pricing for one color printed invitations on any of our handmade papers, including Grow-A-Note:
50 from $8.00 each

100 from $6.00 each

150 from $5.75 each
200 from $5.00 each

250 from $4.25 each
Please call for further quantity pricing.

Additional color fee may apply.
Additional $75 graphic set-up fee will apply.

Price: Based on Selection

Additional charges may be applied
to your credit card for shipping.

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