Plantable Die Cut Shapes

Plantable Die Cut Shapes


Our handmade seed embedded paper is infused with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds, Simply plant the paper in the garden, water daily and watch it grow! Made in the USA.


100% recycled ingredients; bio-degradable, non-invasive and non-GMA seeds, no dyes or chemicals used in production.


Printing and custom shapes available!


Quantity pricing available, call or email for a quote.

Grow-A-Note® Gift Bottle Necker

Grow-A-Note® Gift Bottle Necker

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Gift Bottle Necker

Why use a gift bag and a card when you can bring that gift bottle and simply attach this necker that can be planted and will sprout wildflowers. Add a personal message and you are good to go.
The necker is made from our handmade Grow A Note® Pinot Noir paper that is embedded with a mixture of wildflower seeds. Planting instructions are on the back.

You get 6 neckers for only $8.95.

Price: $9.85

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