Meet The Staff

Rick Smith, President
Rick and Shari Smith acquired Green Field Paper Company in 2005 from the founder, Jeff Lindenthal.  The company was originally founded in 1992 and will is celebrating 25 years in business.  Rick has a background in finance and served as Chief Financial Officer for various companies, most recently in the medical device industry.  While Rick's background is that of a "bean counter", he has always been interested in operations and marketing.  They acquired Green Field because they believed in the products and the commitment to the environment.
Shari Smith, CEO
Without Shari, they never would have acquired Green Field Paper Company.  Shari is a very well respected and top producing realtor with Coldwell Banker in San Diego.  It was Shari's tenacity in continuing to seek out a high quality business to acquire that they learned Green Field Paper was for sale.  Shari works with most of the corporate clients and also weddings.  Shari's keen eye for color, design and marketing has proven invaluable to the success of Green Field Paper Company.

Robin Burgin,Graphic Design and Sales A wearer of many hats, Robin is our newest addition to the Green Field Paper Company family.  She was hired in July of 2013. She is the head of graphic design and set-up for invitations, imprints and promotional projects. She is also very knowledgeable about all of our products and custom printing.

Isabel Parsons, Quality Control, Shipping, Receiving and Assembly
Isabel is responsible for inspection of each sheet made daily and for shipping and receiving.  Isabel is also in charge of packaging and assembly of our great products.

Travis Van der Linden, Master Paper Maker
While no longer making paper, Travis remains a valuable assets to the Company.  Travis first came to Green Field over 8 years ago to design our award-winning trade show fixtures.  He was integral in building and leading our paper production team. He now has a growing graphic design business, Vandermedia.
Darren Floyd, Head Paper Maker
Darren has been with us for over 7 years and has mastered the art of paper making including coloring the paper using earth pigments.  He doesn't really like the early hours, but is the first one here everyday.  He is also a published author of poetry.
Kenneth O'Halloran, Paper Maker
Kenny joined Green Field Paper in the beginning of 2008 to assist in the paper making.  He quickly picked up on the nuances of making a quality sheet of handmade paper and is now an accomplished papermaker.
Keven Reece, Paper Maker
Keven was hired in 2009 and went through the apprentice program to become a papermaker.  Keven can be seen in early morning riding his bicycle to work while strumming his guitar.

Bridgette Beuttel, Graphic Design and Sales (Retired)
Though she is no longer with Green Field Paper Company, Bridgette was the designer and illustrator behind many of our current top selling cards. Her hand drawn illustrations adorn many of our cards including our Simply Whimsical collection  and Gourmet Garden Greeting collection.

Mimi Hom, Sales and Customer Service (retired)
Though she is no longer with Green Field, Mimi was an integral part of Green Field's sales and customer service since 2008. Mimi was a pleasure to work with for clients and co-workers alike. In July 2012, she moved into a career in commercial real estate. If you had the pleasure of working with Mimi and would like to wish her well in her new career, let us know! We still see her often!
Jeff Lindenthal, Founder
While no longer spending long days and nights at Green Field Paper Company, Jeff is now public education and recycling manager for the Monterey Regional Waste Management District but is still available to lend his expertise and answer questions only Jeff knows the answer to.  Jeff founded Green Field in 1992. The company grew out of a thesis project Jeff wrote on reinventing a Boston paper mill to produce recycled paper. A former recycling program coordinator, he specialized in finding unusual recycled materials to incorporate into paper. Jeff's belief is that the future of recycled paper must include high post consumer content along with some non-wood fiber, a philosophy that is embodied in every Green Field product today.