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Chia Card™ Holiday Birdy
Product Code: HCCHIAB
You can grow these cards! Each card is made from our handmade Chia natural white paper printed with soy ink. Each contains fine quality recycled envelopes that compliment the card. The back of each card is printed with easy planting instructions. The paper will recycle naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow! 

Months after printing the holiday Chia cards it became apparent that the seeds created a heavy bleed on the paper which was not predicted.  This slight halo around some of the seeds has a slight cosmetic effect on the cards but does not affect the growability of the chia seeds.  We have decided to offer these cards at a substantial discount to compensate for this aesthetic flaw. 

Price: Based on Selection

  package of 10 (Price $10.00)
  25 Card Bulk Pack & Envelopes (Price $19.95)
  50 Card Bulk Pack & Envelopes (Price $34.95)

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